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Business Introduction

Dolphin Capital GmbH is a unique property development company based in Germany. Working on some of the country’s oldest buildings, we give historic buildings a new future and revive their forgotten charm while answering the local call for sophisticated and contemporary living spaces.

Together with our in-depth knowledge and experience of developing buildings with associated tax breaks, we take great pride in the projects we work on. We take seriously the responsibility associated with developing these old buildings and have a track record of delivering exceptional results.

We have made a commitment to delivering sustainable and contemporary apartments in areas where the demand for housing is real and increasing. We carry out extensive due diligence to ensure our apartments have positive rental opportunities for those who purchase them and a pleasurable experience for those who live in them.

We also work with the International community to offer them an opportunity in a unique, flexible and short-term structure which utilises the asset class of listed buildings in Germany. We have offices in six countries and work closely with some of the world’s most reputable wealth managers, funds and family offices.

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